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A key Supreme Court decision in 1907 recognized the rancherias as Indian land in perpetuity.

More Pomo children began going to school; although the whites kept them segregated, the people mounted legal challenges designed to win equal access.

Members observed ceremonies in colder months to encourage an abundance of wild plant food the following summer.

Dances, related to curing, group welfare, and/or fertility, were held in special earth-covered dance houses and involved the initiation of 10- to 12-year-old boys into shamanistic, ritual, and other professional roles.

Beginning in the 1970s, many Pomo bands successfully sued the government for rerecognition, on the grounds that Bureau of Indian Affairs promises of various improvements had not been kept.

Religion The Kuksu cult was a secret religious society, in which members impersonated a god (kuksu) or gods in order to obtain supernatural power.

The Clear Lake Pomo were involved in the takeover of Alcatraz Island in 1969-1971, reflecting their involvement in the pan-Indian movement.Pomo Indians also live in regional cities and towns.Population Roughly 15,000 in the early nineteenth century, the Pomo population stood at 4,766 in 1990. Language "Pomo" was actually seven mutually unintelligible Pomoan (Hokan) languages, including Southern Pomo, Central Pomo, Northern Pomo, Eastern Pomo, Northeastern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, and Southwestern Pomo (Kashaya).In 1822, California became part of the Mexican Republic.Mexicans granted land to their citizens deep within Pomo country and enforced the land grants with strict military control.

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History Pomo prehistory remains murky, except that the people became a part of a regional trading system at about 1500.

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