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Getting out in the world is one of my favorite things…

how can you experience what life has to offer from behind your desk or in your room.

Phil and Nathan – Average score: 8.5 Quick Observations Before we get to the profiles, a few quick things I should point out… Some profiles were rated at a “10” from some women and a “1” from others. It goes to show that if one woman hates your profile, there’s another out there who probably loves it. Many of you got lazy and copied phrases, sentences, and even entire paragraphs from Saprian’s first place winning profile last year.

While this was not against the rules, and while some of our judges didn’t mind, many of our judges caught on to this plagiarism and some of you really suffered in the rankings because of this.

I know what I want out of life and where I’m going.Just a reminder; all profiles were submitted to the judges 100% anonymously. I see so many stylistic similarities between a handful of these in terms of their writing and unnecessary use of big, fancy words (or just an unnecessary use of words, period). Just thought I’d share my thoughts since you had initially stated we could make some comments. For years guys have asked me, “Hey Blackdragon, could you just write up your ultimate profile and post it on your blog or sell it to us as an ebook so we know exactly what to put down?” For years I have refused to do this, and now you know exactly why.My ideal woman is intelligent, happy (with herself and life), fun, and loves to laugh.I like genuine, real girls, which are sometimes pretty elusive to find in South Florida.

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I previously ran my own business and am currently building another one. Sharing humor and being happy together is incredibly important, even if it just means laughing at each other or while people watching (great spectator sport).

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