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Kitsch: I just told Oliver how lucky he was [laughs]. Johnson: It was great for me to kind of embrace the South Cali. We had to learn a lot about the marijuana business and go in the grow-ops and see the most fantastic plants.

It’s just an amazing accomplishment and I hold a lot of pride within that to be working with these guys – John and Oliver. It was a slow build, but Oliver wanted to give it a lot of subtext and he loves to go deep into the background -- my guy studied at Berkeley and this whole science behind the medicinal marijuana.

It was really quite intense and some really dark stuff that we had to take onboard. I shadowed a Navy SEAL for a long time and working with those guys, I felt quite set, even in rehearsals.

You open your arms to that and grasp as much knowledge as possible and use it in your preparation and kind of throw it away when you’re on the job. During Oliver Stone films, the devil’s in the details, was there a lot of paying attention to that? So I practiced an enormous amount and so does Johnson.

I think our actions will speak a lot louder than us debating who loves her more.

Johnson: I think she carries that spirit in her that is my guys are coming after me.

So you get more out of it and we get more out of it. ” Oliver was, “Does he come in and stab him in the hand?

” He would play with it so we’d talk about it a lot. He needs to get the sensitivity right and the balance right so it doesn’t become overwhelming or too surreal.

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One is a Buddhist trying to live a life of peace and understanding, while the other is a former marine whose mind is still at war and who lives for pain. It was something I was curious about when I recently attended a press conference for the new film in Los Angeles.

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