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The episode has a lot of material to play with, whether it’s Dev trading anecdotes, hearing about odd jobs, equating how race plays into dating apps and infers the experience, or just negotiating through good date etiquette versus bad date etiquette.

Watching the slick editing and camerawork that makes this episode come together is a lot of fun, but this installment isn’t just trying to look clever.

The series has presented some conventional relationship stories over its run, but it’s also turned out ambitious, stylistic experiments that have helped the show find its voice and push it into a higher art form.

This is a show where people can watch Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim bro-ing out and singing ridiculous rhymes about loving food, but it’s also a series that is capable of knocking viewers back with some very real insight and commentary on romance and love in the current age.

Patton said discussions with Instacart pre-date the announcement of Amazon’s Whole Foods deal. Even though Aldi is a discounter and appeals to customers who want to save money, the company doesn’t think that will deter its shoppers from paying extra for Instacart’s services.

“I think we, along with everyone else, are waiting to see how it develops,” he says of the tie-up. The additional stores would make Aldi the third-biggest seller of food in the U. “We are known for great quality and low prices,” Patton says.

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However, the low use rate suggests a “theoretically enormous potential for growth,” according to Gallup.

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