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She added that the car owner mentioned referred to her "brother's good friend" and not 30-year-old Vic.

Using personal reasons as excuses, Reen refused to cooperate with the filming schedules' changes on several occasions and appeared to be busy with her phone during break times. Wishes to be married to Ella Chen someday (sorry Richard!She is the pure energetic flame, Flame Mountain Estates’ Lie Ru Ge.Vic Zhou as Yin Xue He is mysterious and unpredictable, powerful, with a handsome face; one who is respected by the world.They were unable to maintain as a love couple but they can become life-long friends of close family ties.Forget star power, which is already bling bling blinding in the collective intensity, the joint awards power of these three together is also something to marvel at.

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Along with Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin, the two other confirmed leading actors are Vic Zhou and Liu Rui Lin.

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