Who is shaggy 2 dope dating

K&TG made industry headlines in 2012 when David Lee Roth tapped them to be the opening act for Van Halen.

Despite the fact that the pairing only made sense in Diamond Dave’s mind, they were quite well-received.

Except the Disneyland invasion didn’t exactly go according to plan.

The date the Yippies chose for their demonstration was significant: August 6, 1970 marked the 25th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Why specifically did they chose Disneyland for this? For one, the Yippies took issue with a major park sponsor.

But the second instance was a bit more head-scratching.It’s a shaggy-dog tale of a heroin addict from the sticks on a trek for that big-city dope.Spangled with frantic clavinet, punctuated by a yawing, proggy brass passage, the Gang follow our hero down the road ways. ” A rest, then two punchlines — “He OD’d,” and a cornpone guitar figure to close.On August 6, 1970, Disneyland abruptly shut down about five hours early.Around 30,000 visitors were kicked out of the park, and it wasn’t due to a national crisis.

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Kool & The Gang rounded up a bunch of never-were rappers to fill out their reworked hits on , and we’re done talking about that.

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