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Seriously, who would have thought that a mixtape rapper and a woman who just got out of jail would end up being the marriage we all aspire to be. I never thought I'd find a man who would wait 7 yrs for me. Here are some of their most romantic, loving moments that made the internet swoon.I wanna be the 1st person to let all men know- WE WERE TAUGHT WRONG !That negative way of thinking was implanted in our minds to prevent our families from growing together, to prevent us from being productive in society and to keep us at odds with our amazing Queens.As you mature in life, that train of thought will block your blessings and blind you from finding your soulmate.As you can see, this was 1 of the happiest days of our lives; you can not fake this type of happiness.Both rappers denied that they had dated, though the lore became more intense when a video of a woman claiming to be Remy Ma's ex-girlfriend surfaced and she strongly resembled Minaj.

If we weren't physically together, we were on the phone.pic.twitter.com/g R88v VPRi W — Another Round (@anotherround) March 8, 2017 My husband trusts me so much & he is such a kid at heart…every year he falls for whatever line I tell him and is truly surprised at his party😂😂no I don't think y'all understand…EVERY year😜 #Happy Birthday Baby #Remy Ma #Remy Mafia #Black Love #Meet The Mackies @jimmysbxcafe A post shared by Remy Ma (@remyma) on I love me some him. I been working all day but tonight is all yours Babe…#i Love My Husband #Im On Ya Body😏 #Remy Mafia #Remy Ma A post shared by Remy Ma (@remyma) on I’m going to be co-hosting on #The Real tomorrow!And none other than the best husband on the planet aka MY husband @papoosepapoose is the special guest😍 Tune in, and be sure to follow @The Real Daytime on Instagram for exclusive content!#Remy Ma #Remy Mafia A post shared by Remy Ma (@remyma) on Tune in to @ESSENCE's first podcast, Yes, Girl!On the premiere episode co-hosts @Man Wife Dog @Cori Murray and @Yolizama welcome special guests @remyma and Papoose and Uzo Aduba: #yesgirl #blacklove A post shared by Papoose Mackie (@papoosepapoose) on "Bitches ain't shit", "money over hoes", "we don't love them hoes", "these hoes ain't loyal"…

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