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Q: Last time we talked, you mentioned you were studying for your pilot’s license. A: I took a little bit of a breather from it – because I want to live! But if I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve got time.– and to make sure that when I continue to do it, I have many months of time. Q: So, if touring with Sarah was on the bucket list and you’re finally doing Broadway, what’s left to conquer? I view each record as an opportunity to start a new chapter.As fate would have it, his vocal coach was friends with David Foster, a well-known producer, writer and arranger, and in 1998 Groban and Foster began working together.At first, Groban served as a rehearsal singer, but the events weren't typical for beginners including the inauguration of California governor Grey Davis and the Grammy Awards.27 – and his arduous preparation for his theatrical debut. You’re looking at the stage and you think, now I have to get myself into this theater. Q: Do you think it will be a hard sell to the tourist crowd when people see that it’s based on a portion of “War and Peace”?Groban recently chatted from Los Angeles about how this concert in support of his “Stages” album will differ from his fall appearance at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (note – a local orchestra will be used), his love for “The Great Comet” and why Mc Lachlan gives him “goosebumps.” Q: You’re finally doing Broadway! It’s the same way I feel when I walk into baseball stadium for the first time. A: Dave chose a portion (of the book) that is very juicy and salacious and full of self-discovery.

What about her and her music has made you such a fan? I’ve admired her singing style and piano and songwriting since I was in high school.Q: What has your life been like the past few months between preparing for this and your tour? There are a lot of things I’m doing other than standing on the X and belting out a number.A: I was rehearsing 14 hours a day leading up to Tonys. You don’t know how the audience is going to behave near you.Several studio releases later, among them , Groban is one of the most popular singers on the planet.His albums have sold more than 35 million copies around the world.

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