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I am sure there is a double, if not multi-meaning to his association with his song "Sundown"Hey all. Your subjective interpretations are, of course, valid as to your own situation, so I mean no offence when I say that the following is the actual meaning behind this marvelous song:"Sundown" was the nickname of a close friend of Mr. In this context, the meaning of each line of this song should be clear to you all.

Regards, JDMI was 14 the year this came out and an older boy taught me the art of kissing to this song...

But the surface lyrics are hardly the real meanings and sometimes the lyrics are symbolic.

Great universal feeling expressed in an ambiguous way. I've always thought the line "sometimes I think it's a shame when I get feeling better when I'm feeling no pain" might have to do with luck.

The two comments that were completely off the mark were the ones about rape and coke. I grew up in a town very close to where he was born and raised. They know what they do when they are all together..."but you have no clue as to what I would do if you two were meeting behind my back." (My backstairs). He's saying he thinks it's wrong when you narrowly avoid something bad and you think you're lucky for it but then you think "why do I feel lucky?

Many said it was about a hooker; well possibly, but perhaps just a "loose woman" as someone suggested. This is a very rivoting song.arch, SD, Cal -- If you're looking into Gord's other works, I recommend the album, Summertime Dream.

My favorite lyrics are "Sometimes, I think it's a sin, when I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again". It's more similar to this song, Sundown, than are his early works, like Early Mornin Rain, which I also like, and was covered by just about every major folk-style artist in the late 60's.

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