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The Chronicle of Alfonso III states that King Fruela I, son and successor of King Alfonso I, "won many victories", including against the Cordobans at Pontubio in Galicia, and that he "overcame the peoples of Galicia who were rebelling against him and violently laid waste the entire province".

References to condes in Galicia in the mid-9th century suggest that the territory had by that time acquired a certain degree of autonomy from the kingdom of Asturias.

The Roman province of Gallcia was occupied by the Vandals when the so-called barbarian tribes invaded the Iberian peninsula.

The Chronicon of Bishop Idatius records that Alani et Wandali et Suevi entered Spain in 409, adding in a later passage that the Vandals occupied Galicia, the Suevi sitam in extremitate Oceani maris occidua, and the Alans Lusitaniam et Carthaginensem provincias, in 411.

The citations marked Regestalia in the end-notes are taken from extracts of cartularies between 7, translated into Spanish, which appeared on the website Proyecto Regestalia presented by the Universidad de Alcal (-before 866). The Chronicon Albeldense records that Ordoo I King of Asturias populated Tude et Amagia, and in the same paragraph the arrival of "Lordomani" [Norsemen] in Gallci maritimis who were killed "a Petro comite", probably dated to [850/60]The Cronica de Sampiro , as reproduced in the Historia Silense, records the succession of "Adefonsus filius Ordonii" [Alfonso III King of Asturias, dated to 866] aged 14, the challenge by filius...

Froyla Lemundi ex partibus Gallecie, King Alfonsos exile in partibus Alauensium, and the death of ipse... However, the identification of the colonist of Coimbra presumably depends on the correct identification of the subscriber of the charter dated 25 Sep 883.] "Adefonsus rex et Exemena regina" donated property near Lanzada which had belonged to "Hermegildus filius Petri et uxor sua Yberia", who had rebelled against the king, to Santiago de Compostela by charter dated 24 Jun 886, subscribed by "Exemena regina, Garsea, Hordonius, Froila", daughter of ---. Oduarius, Froila, Vimara, Auriolus" subscribed the charter dated 30 Jan 915 under which Ordoo II King of Len donated villiam... "Lucidus Uimarani, Gutherre Menendiz, Gutherre Osoriz, Armentarius Siloni" subscribed the charter dated 20 Jan 917 under which Ordoo II King of Len donated villis in territorio Gallecie...

The chronicle of Juan de Biclaro records that Leovigildo King of the Visigoths conquered the Suevi in the north-western part of the peninsula, deposing King Audica in 585, and suppressed the revolt of Malaricus who attempted to assume control of Galicia.

However, with the multiplicity of land grants, the centre of activity of a family, or of different branches of the same family, frequently changed.

There is inevitably, therefore, a degree of inaccuracy in such categorisation.

However, many of the names are recognizable as noblemen who are recorded at that time in other documents. However, many of the names are recognizable as noblemen who are recorded at that time in other documents. However, many of the names are recognizable as noblemen who are recorded at that time in other documents. Mundini, exitum montis Mauromonte to Suniemiro et Leouildo by charter dated 2 Mar 905.

The chronology is favorable for this co-identity and the reference to Mauromonte (referred to in the charter of Seorina dated 18 Oct 942, see below) suggests a connection.

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