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Further, he told us that after restaurant week, he had a verbal argument with Brown about not getting paid and ended up, “[…] putting it in writing.” Roberts informed us that to date he is still owed payment for 63 hours of work.

Jefferys, who was a kitchen manager at Cotton from November 2014 until June 2015, also explained to us that he had issues with being paid for his work, “After 6 checks bounced, I ended up going to his [Brown’s] bank.” Jefferys further explained, “[Brown] would change salaries without notice, saying that business is not looking good and then give you 0 less.

Are we then to believe that the only measure of success is simply keeping the open sign on?

On January 27th of 2016, by order of the Virginia Tax Commissioner, Cotton Southern Bistro at Hilltop in Virginia Beach was padlocked shut due to ,620.00 of unpaid taxes dating back to a June 2015 court case. Just over a week later, on February 5th ― first on Channel 10 and then again on Channel 3 ― stories ran detailing unpaid employees protesting outside of the other Cotton location in Chesapeake after having arrived for work to a locked restaurant with a sign reading the restaurant was “closed for renovations”.

So it is feasible that Brown could have switched up the biscuits he served and began making them from scratch, using a recipe his “Nanny” as a child taught him, by the time .

Rocco Di Spirito once claimed that “Nine out of ten restaurants close in the first year.” While not accurate, (in reality, 60% of restaurants close in the first five years) it highlights an irrefutable point; opening and operating a restaurant is difficult when done with the very best business practices.

And to wit, one imagines that the odds of failure only increase when ownership makes questionable choices.

The longer of the two spots, Channel 3, featured Chesapeake Cotton servers Lahoma Dixon and Jessica Miele recounting their experiences regarding issues of non-payment for their work and overtime with checks issued to each of them bouncing.

Prior to these stories breaking, I, the editor at Southern Grit, had heard of similar issues with receiving payment for work in 2015 privately from Joshua Gregory, the former kitchen manager at Cotton’s Hilltop location and the recently added contributing head Virginia Beach writer to Southern Grit.

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Dixon and Puckett both informed us of grievances that they had with not being paid around the Christmas pay period.

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