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Babyface stated he wished he had paid as much attention to the business side of their partnership, as Reid had done.Reid stated in the book Babyface asked for an audit, but was unable to turn up any evidence.When you're a true songwriter, you don't stop writing because you broke up with your production partner.Reid takes full credit for the success of La Face Records when others were instrumental in the company's success.

She was the mistress of married Jackson 5 member, Jackie Jackson.

Reid I've been reading the profanity laced book "Sing To Me" by Antonio "L. and Babyface met Pebbles after Williams had been offered the song.

Pebbles discovered the group/production team Organized Noize, who went on to produce many urban hits. In a 1990s interview on the BET television show "Video Soul" Babyface indicated Reid had ripped him off.

I am not fan of Davis or Sony (Davis' Arista was bought by Sony) , due to their chronic acts of copyright infringement in ripping off legendary and lesser known songwriters, producers and artists, but Reid was a Judas to take Davis' job, when the latter was forced out.

When so many in the industry had rejected funding La Face Records in the late 1980s, such as David Geffen, Davis was the one who gave them funding.

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It was a betrayal to stab him in the back and take his job. Don't betray or step on people because you can, as it will come back to you in life. I disapprove of his treatment of others, as mentioned above.

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