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Steve loves my large breasts, and they are very sensitive, always making my pussy wet when Steve touches and sucks them.

He then began to use his mouth, sucking my nipples and flicking them with his tongue, causing me to breathe heavily and begin to gyrate my hips in anticipation.

We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.

I was unsure at first as Steve said he wanted it to be a surprise, and he wanted to tie and blindfold me.

Not knowing what he had planned enticed and began to excite me, so I said yes.

I was lying blindfolded on my back in bed with no clothes, and my arms and legs confined spread eagle with the restraints my husband and I have used occasionally.

Candles lightly scented our bedroom, soft music was playing, my husband had luxuriously massaged and oiled my body, and I now had six hands gently stroking and lightly caressing every inch of my body.

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