Though I eventually managed to rope poor Kirin into pairing with Ayato, it felt more like luck than anything I actually earned.

Though it’s not highlighted when you first pick Story mode, and the description doesn’t really indicate it, the two extra months you’re afforded are spent easing you into everything.

The difference between the two is actually huge, so think carefully before choosing one over the other.

Ayato’s story begins just two months before the tournament, and his stats are already just about where they need to be; the player-created character has four months to prepare, but begins with incredibly low stats that need to be raised with training.

None of these characters establish identities outside of the prototypical anime archetypes.

Kirin will always react with blushing mortification to anything with even the slightest hint of sexuality; Julis, the resident , will pretend not to like the lead character despite it being incredibly obvious that she does.

I especially like how the minigames use the battle system, even if they’re nothing that special; still, dodging enemy attacks for 30 seconds or going after a pair of super-evasive enemies adds some variety in between all the standard duels.might be fun, but its replay value is really going to depend on your tolerance for repetition.

In Ayato’s campaign, the game just sort of throws you into the middle of all this without much context.and turns the “Phoenix Festa” tournament arc into a combination of dating sim and light action-RPG.For the uninitiated, this is one of those sci-fi franchises where — in the wake of the Earth’s destruction — the government decides that the best idea is to set up schools where a bunch of superpowered kids beat the crap out of each other.Perhaps to keep things from straying too much from the established canon, and because the game takes place over such a small arc in the overall franchise, there just aren’t any moments where anything big or interesting happens.I was shocked when even the titular tournament itself, from start to finish, felt limp and underwhelming.actually lets you choose between him and an original character to take through the story mode.

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