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Vanessa’s on-screen beauty was indeed astonishing, but she could never fully recognize it, having experienced adolescence as an awkward, gangly kid standing nearly six feet, with bad skin.Then, in her twenties, her complexion cleared up, and her tall, slender figure became an asset. Redgrave was married first to director Tony Richardson (“Tom Jones”), with whom she had actresses Natasha and Joely.She then bore a son, Carlo, with actor Franco Nero in 1969. In-between came a long relationship with Timothy Dalton, James Bond number four.Now entering her ninth decade, Redgrave remains active.Thankfully, perhaps, Redgrave doesn’t remember much after that — not the violence of her removal from the flat, which left her with lurid bruising down one arm that lasted more than a month, nor the blue light race through busy west London to hospital.

For proof, just replay that famous photo shoot scene with David Hemmings.

Over a career spanning sixty years, Vanessa Redgrave has appeared in countless plays, TV productions and well over one hundred films.

She is a member of the elite “Triple Crown” of actors who’ve won an Oscar, a Tony, and a Grammy.

“I have a new understanding, a new take on life,” she says in that slow, precise, instantly recognisable voice, deepened by the cigarettes that also caused the heart attack. That I cared about my profession, my family, the seasons, nature, flowers, science, art. But compared to how I notice and appreciate things now? Now I find myself thinking what a miracle it all is.” That she didn’t die still seems surprising to her.

Alone in her Chiswick flat when it happened, she mustered “just enough breath and determination” to call her son Carlo Nero, whose father is Redgrave’s long-term partner, the Italian actor Franco Nero.

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He didn’t answer, so she left a message — and there of course it might have ended.

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