Validating game files accommodating ptsd in the workplace

But it's all model work first which is quite time-consuming atleast for me.

There's a volunteer that suggested his help with modelling, I'll credit him and show the WIPs on Twitter or next article when time comes and if he actually delivers.

Throughout the course, he provides practical advice and offers examples of best practices.

I already mentioned that I consider this update lackluster, but it's still an important one.

For now I'm taking a rest for maybe a week and then get back to work.

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Each time update is released - I want to believe that I'm close to final version and can stop working on Half-Payne altogether, but flow of ideas just keep coming as you can see above.

I find it alittle sad that there's little room for me to do more Max Payne content and I'm more into endless raw gameplay changes now.

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