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Variance and Bias is estimated for one value, that is to say, for one observation/row of an original dataset (we calculate variance and bias over rows of predictions made on bootstrap samples).We then obtain a vector containing variances/biases.Because bias and variance could be controlled by parameters sent to the ).For that reason the foreach package was used, to take advantage of parallelism.The quantiles are recorded and the interval defined by the quantiles is shown as a blue bar in the middle graph.When you run the simulation, the value of the appropriate standard score is recorded in the third table and plotted as a red line on the horizontal axis.

In Exercise 10, you are using the correct procedure and thus you should have noticed good agreement between the proportion of successful intervals and the theoretical confidence level in all cases.

This is in contrast with the case in which the variance of the underlying distribution is known, where the length of the confidence interval is fixed. Use a derivation similar to Exercises 1 and 2 to show that a 1 - distribution .

In either case, the density of the chosen distribution is shown in the middle graph.

For each of the following sample sizes, run the experiment 1000 times with an update frequency of 10.

Note how well the proportion of successful intervals approximates the theoretical confidence level. Select the gamma distribution with shape parameter 5 and scale parameter 1.

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