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For use of object which can make the necessary decisions without user-input. Note that in the above, replace ‘user’ with the username you’re attempting to ssh with, for instance a call to returns the SSH key data for the public key to use. String() will take a key in Open SSH, LSH or any supported format, as a string, and generate a new twisted.keys. Alternatively, is the interface between you and the other side.

It is also possible to run commands (one or more) over an already-established connection. This particular channel opens a session and plays with the ‘cat’ program, but your channel can implement anything, so long as the server supports it. Requests are used to send events to the other side.

Using the is about as simple as using any other stream-oriented client endpoint.

Just create the endpoint defining where the SSH server to connect to is and a factory defining what kind of protocol to use to interact with the command and let them get to work using the endpoint’s accepts quite a few options, since there is a lot of flexibility in SSH and many possible different server configurations, but once the endpoint object itself is created, its use is no more complicated than the use of any other endpoint: pass a factory to its .

In this case, the connected protocol instance is only used to make the example wait until the client has finished talking to the server, which happens after the small amount of example data has been sent to the server and bounced back by the should be easy to understand.

This endpoint just opens a new channel on the existing connection and launches a command in that.This gives about the same behavior as is seen in a standard command-line ssh client. This method is called with two strings: the public key sent by the server and its fingerprint.See SSHCommand Client Connection for details about how edge cases are handled for this default value. You should verify the host key the server sends, either by checking against a hard-coded value as in the example, or by asking the user. Deferred which gets a callback if the host key is valid, or an errback if it is not.It also takes a command which it executes on the remote server once the SSH connection is established and authenticated; this command is a single string, perhaps including spaces or other special shell symbols, and is interpreted by a shell on the server.It takes a username with which it identifies itself to the server for authentication purposes.

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