Updating kde suse

open SUSE-13.2-0|ca55694e6fdebee6ce37ac7cf3725e2aa6edc342| 2015-05-07 |install|insserv-compat|0.1-12.2.2|noarch

After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.

Many of the applications showed an ugly interface (extreme example: galculator where the buttons disappeared, only plain text on a grey background, that is no interface any more), the same machine, which worked seamlessly before began to lag every some minutes and, most bothering, the system time turned to be inaccurate.

Some of the distribution's own tools have been deleted and also the Raspberry Pi edition.

Now that 32 bit is dying, I decided to give it another look, and am still impressed with his Trinity based distro.

Pros - a stable, responsive distro that once he goes to Debian 9, will quite possibly become my goto once again (now that I have a 64 bit machine) Cons - it's been long enough since I've used it that I have to re-learn where under the hood to go to get things set up again.

Search for updating kde suse:

updating kde suse-10updating kde suse-90

Also, very easy to incorporate your preferred applications, no need for a bloated 'All inside'.

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