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The probability distribution associated with the predicted state is the sum (integral) of the products of the probability distribution associated with the transition from the (k - 1)-th timestep to the k-th and the probability distribution associated with the previous state, over all possible Sequential Bayesian filtering is the extension of the Bayesian estimation for the case when the observed value changes in time.

It is a method to estimate the real value of an observed variable that evolves in time.

Another problem with the x axis is that I can't do more complicated filters like the filter Function would provide. That is a bit helpful in that I can see that a filter is possible of updating a chart.

When I do a 'get servo' command in the CLI, the only variable that seems to represent servo filtering is: 'servo_lowpass_hz' and the set function returns the error 'invalid name' when trying to 'set servo_lowpass_enable = ON'.

Looking at the code, having a non zero value in the 'servo_lowpass_hz' variable is all that is required to start the feature.

Just a note to update the documentation to describe this updated method of servo filtering initialization.

trip Volume = Chart("#trip-volume") .width(980) // (optional) define chart width, :default = 200 .height(75) // (optional) define chart height, :default = 200 .transition Duration(0) // (optional) define chart transition duration, :default = 500 .margins() .dimension(trips By Date Dimension) // set dimension .group(trips By Date Group) // set group // (optional) whether chart should rescale y axis to fit data, :default = false .elastic Y(false) // (optional) whether chart should rescale x axis to fit data, :default = false .elastic X(false) // define x scale .x(d3scale().domain([trips By Date Dimension.bottom(1)[0].start Date, trips By Date Dimension.top(1)[0].start Date ])) // (optional) set filter brush rounding .round(d3day.round) // define x axis units .x Units(d3days) // (optional) whether bar should be center to its x value, :default=false .center Bar(true) // (optional) render horizontal grid lines, :default=false .render Horizontal Grid Lines(true) // (optional) render vertical grid lines, :default=false .render Vertical Grid Lines(true) .brush On(false); The graph displays fine but I would like to filter it using some j Query controls.

When the user selects the date I am trying to add a filter to the chart, the filter gets added but the chart does not change, even if I Nothing I have done causes the chart to change.

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