Updating an old couch

Per section 30 of the Kentucky Constitution, representatives are elected every two years in the November following a regular session of the General Assembly.The Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives is the chief presiding officer of the Kentucky House.Accidents and mishaps are often a part of travelling abroad, and so you shouldn’t forget to cover yourself and your belongings for any eventuality.

The first meeting of the Kentucky House of Representatives was in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1792, shortly after statehood.

Cassity asked me to guest blog and I was so excited.

I’m in the final stages now – just waiting to make some art and get the final table. As part of the process, I painted the upholstery on a chair!

Not more than two counties can be joined to form a House district, except when necessary to preserve the principle of equal representation.

Representatives are elected to two-year terms with no term limits.

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