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You need to make sure your customers have easy access to support when it is needed. Yes, you can call it an occupational hazard and attribute it to dozens or hundreds of problemds you encounter on a daily basis. Things should not run their course this way for a customer service professional.It goes without saying that your customer service needs to include several, if not all, of the tools available today, including phone, e-mail, Live Chat, FAQs, self-service, social media channels and more. Your job is to take care and make any customer’s problem your own problem.Saying “Thank You” to the people who support your business won’t take you much effort but it will definitely show how grateful you are that they choose your product or service.Also, it shows you appreciate the opportunity to be helpful and provide assistance to the customer.Could you recall how it feels to get frustrated or neglected when you look for support and assistance? Let this unpleasant situation teach you something – always think of how you look like from a customer’s perspective.Words of gratitude will make your customers feel appreciated for their loyalty to your brand.

As Apple’s former retail chief Ron Johnson once put it, “Care about a customer’s heart, not just her pocketbook.” In other words, don’t treat people coming to your website or office as one-time transaction, do all your best to build strong and long-lasting relationship.

Putting customers’ thoughts into the focus of your business strategy is a good practice. No matter how hard you try, you can’t satisfy all your customers all the time.

Complaints are inevitable, so don’t discourage them.

Feel free to share your thoughs as a comment below. Provide Support is a leading software provider in customer service, offering live chat and real-time visitor monitoring tool for websites.

Empowering customer service with live chat is passionate about customer service excellence, and has more than ten years of experience as a Customer Service Representative.

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