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You have more excuses why you cant man up and deal with your mistake. Get tested, do not endanger your wife, do not tell your wife in an attempt to relieve your guilt as then your just passing on the misery you earned to her. Quit worrying about the having sex with a guy thing.. just quit making your current fuck up bigger and bigger. Get tested tomorrow if enough time has passed to make the test legit. God never had anything against you that it needed to forgive.. Now that I have, I blame you for putting the image in my head. Unfortunately, your smart, funny, attentive boyfriend has a fetish for chicks with dicks.But I am experienced and I am intuitive and I am hoping that what I’m about to tell you gives you strength and courage. And it’s not a particularly slippery slope to see how that might cause a problem for you down the road. Not saying its something you would want to happen, but shit if this is your biggest problem rite now then you should go out clubbing in celebration as you really have it very good. your making yourself upset and misserable over something pretty petty. look on the bright side and be thankful you caught a nut and were not beheaded by isis. spur of the moment anal sex with complete strangers in a restroom is a bad call.. stop doing strangers randomly while you have a wife, and basically what everyone else has said. this is a sign you need to re evaluate the way you're behaving, and your relationship. Way to fuck your wife before you bother getting tested. if you decided to bareback some random slut in a shitter a couple minutes after meeting her you still be getting tested. stop doing strangers randomly while you have a wife, and basically what everyone else has said. i feel so bad for your poor wife...quoted for truth. Sure - it's overpriced and if you get good stuff it is good as anywhere in the world(ii) if you come to Australia you are going to get laid(iii) your wife 92% chance cheats on you Oh shit I missed that you had a wife. You are the one that did this and your the only one who you're not blaming.

The reason he said he was in the shed was because we were ‘getting on top of each other’ since I had been at his house for a week. Not saying your a homosexual, but your certainly seem to be really homophobic. Now if you weren't married I would have said I'm sorry that happened to you some trannys are very convincing you weren't raped just tricked I dont think you're gay maybe just a jerk. Without touching her front parts, you put your penis in her anus, threw up on her, punched her in the face, and started referring to her as a guy? (And you cheated on your wife...) I come from a family of Catholics. I don’t really have any and I wonder if other readers are the same.Not having one in this day and age makes me feel like I’m the weirdo.

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