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Calling Sylvia Scarlett: We hadn’t seen Stan’s pad for awhile so I was gratified to see that the Moshe Dayan poster is still on his bedroom wall.Even with his Deadeye Cosgrove-like eyepatch, the swashbuckling Dayan would have seen through Pima in a heartbeat. Betty Francis: Shrink- It was a brief scene at the beginning of the episode but I love the notion of Betty as a therapist.I hope we see her again but if we do, she’ll just tell Don to go shit in the ocean.One reason Don dumped Faye is his desire to play hero and save a damsel in distress.What’s more awkward than running into people you know on a moving box full of strangers?I thought Diana’s eyes were going to pop out of her head when she saw Don’s digs. It all came crashing down when they met at her dumpy apartment.He isn’t even annoyed by Henry’s milkshake making dick measuring.

Faye was Don’s equal, which is, of course, why he kicked her to the curb.Megan’s plan was to take a few things but while she’s fending off Harry’s creepy advances, Mere Marie decides to punish Don.No, not by moving in, but by having the movers take all the living room furniture.She doesn’t have enough money, so who ya gonna call? The Calvet family melodrama concludes with Mere Marie finally dumping her communist academic husband and staying in New York, NY, the town so nice they named it twice. Their French accent is pure Paris and they’re allegedly from Montreal. Don Draper’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: Don’s soda jerking with his boys sends him on another trip down memory lane.Not Ghostbusters but the human ATM, Roger the silver tongued devil Sterling. Sister Marie-France blames Megan and the not-so nice Big Apple for everything and makes all of the events of the day about herself. You can see it in the wistful look on his face as he exits.

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