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And here I am looking for a good name so I can call my beta fish really spectacular name.Actually a 10 gallon aquarium isn’t too large for a beta fish.Your 10 gallon aquarium is going to be a perfect size for your fish and he will love his environment.I’d like to congratulate you with a good job because you are part of the crowd that allows the beta fish to have a larger environment than most.

Since then everybody gets pea once a week or once in 12 days etc. What happens if I have 15 betta fish in one tank and can’t remember which one is which?They like large aquariums just like any other fish.Just because they come in small little tanks or containers doesn’t mean that’s what they like to live inside.Funny, active, good follow direction skill, adaptive, playful.moderately bully, but makes half moon quite often than others. – peach-green shade delicate half moon — he was partially traumatized, when first came, did not eat for days, God instructed me to buy him, so I can’t return.

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He survived through infections and swim bladder disease, eventually passed a stone looking poop. Was talking to one of my customers and when I mentioned my problem, her 5 year old daughter immediately piped in and said “Finnie”. I wound up naming him Andy and it suits him just perfect.

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