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Hi everyone, Today’s post is all about the Lemonade Diet, which is a popular diet for weight loss.

Interestingly, this diet is also known as the Beyoncé Diet because this was the diet that the popular singer followed to lose weight in a short span of time (she lost 9 kgs in just 10 days! The lemonade diet sounds quite appealing in the summer season, especially because of its emphasis on consuming lemon juice.

Make sure that the maple syrup that you use is pure and genuine.There is a special lemonade prepared with maple syrup, cayenne paper, water and lime or lemon juice.This lemonade concoction is to be consumed about 10-12 times a day to really help cleanse your system from within.The Shark Tank star, 55, claims Danielle Vasinova, whom he dated from 2013 to 2015, is trying to exploit the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal by extorting him for millions of dollars, TMZ reports. Carnie Wilson spoke candidly about an upsetting experience she encountered on The Howard Stern Show during her Tuesday, November 8, appearance on The Talk.The 49-year-old singer claimed she was secretly weighed and fat-shamed while on the radio show in 1999.

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Some of the benefits include: The lemonade diet should be followed for a period ranging between 10 days and 40 days, depending on your goals.

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