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Rejection may be emotionally painful because of the social nature of human beings and the need of social interaction between other humans is essential.Abraham Maslow and other theorists have suggested that the need for love and belongingness is a fundamental human motivation.Aggressive children who are athletic or have good social skills are likely to be accepted by peers, and they may become ringleaders in the harassment of less skilled children.Minority children, children with disabilities, or children who have unusual characteristics or behavior may face greater risks of rejection.Bierman states that well-liked children show social savvy and know when and how to join play groups.Children who are at risk for rejection are more likely to barge in disruptively, or hang back without joining at all.Mark Leary of Duke University has suggested that the main purpose of self-esteem is to monitor social relations and detect social rejection.In this view, self-esteem is a sociometer which activates negative emotions when signs of exclusion appear.

Children classified as neglected receive few nominations of either type.

Risk factors increase the likelihood that a young person will become violent.

However, risk factors are not direct causes of youth violence; instead, risk factors contribute to the likelihood of youth violence occurring Protective factors buffer young people from the risks of becoming violent. To date, protective factors have not been studied as extensively or rigorously as risk factors.

Studies typically show that some children are popular, receiving generally high ratings, many children are in the middle, with moderate ratings, and a minority of children are rejected, showing generally low ratings.

One measure of rejection asks children to list peers they like and dislike.

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