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' Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie had a chance to catch up with The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips, and they spoke about the recent success, the formation of the group and finding their sound. What's the most noticeable evolution of that creative relationship between albums? TM: Yeah, it pretty much clicked pretty immediately. Serj from System -- the singer is obviously the star of any band, so even though it seems it would be different because there's a celebrity in the band it's really the same as any other band.

Check out the interview below: Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie here. TM: The biggest thing is I'm older from the first record. BP: I had a band and it was produced by a guy named Kato [Khandwala] who is our producer. Ben, I think it's safe to say you've got a hot chick singing for you guys. What does that give you an opportunity to do both onstage and off-stage? I like to say that if I asked you who the drummer for System of a Down is, would you be able to give me the name? I personally, it allows me to do nothing which is really why I got into this. Taylor, your musical role models are predominantly men.

You guys are doing a ton of the big rock festivals. Being able to be intimate with a crowd that still has volume is still the best. Festivals, getting to play with lots of musicians and bands, that's totally fine.

Do you like doing your own headline shows in a small intimate club environment as compared to these big festivals where there's 50 bands playing and 50,000 people? BP: I think the medium sized venues, the 1000-2000 seaters where it can still be intimate but its still big, to me they're the most fun. Headlining is always the best, anyone who disagrees, you own the venue for that day and get to do what you want. Playing in front of an audience that might not know you is always fun too, but then playing to an audience that's entirely your fans is awesome.

The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry her...

“So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan. On Wednesday, Taylor Momsen’s rep said “no comment” when asked whether the 24-year-old actress was tying the knot.

Maybe they’re not…but the group – Momsen, Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins – have no intention of breaking under the pressure of parents or religious groups. It means that they aren’t getting the point of the record. There are so many problems and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s talking or writing about it.

Believe me, I don’t want to be smoking – it’s terrible and I’m trying to quit. If you put that photo on the internet, that’s your fault – you’re being a bad role model. If you really want to learn about my personal life, listen to the songs…” Speaking of the songs, lyrics of The Pretty Reckless’ songs apparently give more conservative parents ‘the fear’…they claim that the songs are unsuitable for young kids.

Is she like the sweet Jenny of Gossip Girl, or more like the fiesty little minx we see in videos for her band, The Pretty Reckless? What I do personally is, frankly, none of your business.She'll be in the 23rd hour when cinematographers are walking off the set, fine, she's like hand the camera to the AD and keep rolling. I never lost my voice singing, but screaming over loud music and the fog and all that. Be careful next time, we don't want you to have to cancel another tour. BP: The next one won't have any haze, so it's going to be fine.TM: It might have some haze, but a different kind of haze.We've got Taylor and Ben from the band The Pretty Reckless. I wrote the first record when I was 14 and 15 and on this one I'm 19, 20 so there's definitely an evolution there. TM: Yeah [laughs] -- I think we honed into a sound on this record. Kato met Taylor and he said, you should write with this guy. How does that result in the betterment of the band? TM: And I got into joining a band so I didn't have to do all of this by myself -- because it's really boring [to be a solo act] [laughs]. BP: Which by the way is a Beatles line that she stole. Being a woman, but having those masculine points of reference, how much of an advantage is that when you're trying to make a song relatable to both genders?BP: When we met, the thing that clicked with everybody is that when you're looking for a band -- when Gene Simmons puts in an ad in the back of ' Rolling Stone' or whatever -- you're looking for people who are like-minded. TM: Well, I met Kato and then through Kato I met you --BP: She heard the band and went, well I'll just be the singer of that band and write your songs [laughs]. TM: I don't really think about it, to be honest.

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