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Eye contact is appreciated, especially when making deals, and big decisions take time to thoroughly think about before being privately settled.Lastly, while things stay professional in the office, it is common to develop friendships with whom you do business with.In most social situations, surnames are used with the honorific titles Monsieur or Madame.When in formal settings, it is advisable to use the formal pronoun for you ‘vous’, rather than the informal ‘tu’.When living in Luxembourg as an outsider you might notice that locals are at first very formal and reserved.Like many cultures in Central Europe, it is not usual to “wear your heart on your sleeve” as the saying goes.Even though Luxembourg is part of the European Union, Luxembourgers have strong national pride and they value their independence and autonomy.Personal values revolve around modesty, friendship, and above all family.

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Flowers should be given in odd numbers, and never chrysanthemums, as they are used at funerals.

A small gift for a child is always a nice gesture, but do not be offended if opening gifts don’t happen until well after the guests have departed.

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