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I was a little tender nugget of a baby dyke that fell hard for pretty girls who would inevitably break my heart.By my mid-20s, my “converting” reputation started to wane, mostly because I had lost one or two to the other side.A few continued to date women for a few years after we broke up, others jumped right on the dick lickity split and never looked back. I was a first girlfriend for a few girls, and once you’re three for three in the area of “getting a straight girl,” you start to get a reputation.I never actively searched out straight girls, and it is not my fault they put all of us in the same dorm.How could any of us assume that we are so awesome you would risk your safety and possibly the approval of your friends and family? I would keep a casual, sort of open relationship with a younger bi-sexual and hunt for my mature, experienced lesbian soul mate. The second thing it taught me is that if you’re going to order an adorable, creative genius with her shit together, you better believe she won’t have much time for you to get your head out of a 25-year-old’s ass.This lesbian would be adorable and a creative genius, with a cool job she didn’t hate, and she would be instantly attracted to me. The next woman was not only a lesbian, but a lesbian who had dabbled in the D recently, and this re-affirmed her lesbianism in both of our minds. I’m not the “eww gross, a penis” type of lesbian, nor am I one of those lesbians who actively searches out straight girls to convert to my team. I don’t necessarily blend in, but I am not particularly threatening to those who are afraid of my people.The other thing you should know about me is that almost all of my exes from the past 20 years are dating or married, to men.

Think of it this way: as you’re perusing profiles looking for someone who might make a good match, do you contact the people with hardly anything in their profiles? There’s no formula for this; all I can say is do not try to be someone you think others want you to be.To give you an idea of how consistent I am, there are about 12 of them.Some identified as lesbians when I met them, some identified as bisexual, and for some, I knew I was their cunnilingus one-hit-wonder.Sexuality is a component of a relationship, and while physical attraction is often the catalyst for the beginning of a relationship, it alone can’t sustain a relationship.I attend the weddings of exes and regularly get pictures of babies texted to me and sometimes I have to meet new husbands, it’s awkward for a minute, but it passes.

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