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On paper, women reported a greater desire for earning potential and status; men were more interested in physical attractiveness.

My options were to a) writing down things about the person I had just spoken with before continuing to the next table b) writing down something about the date when I arrive at a new table or c) writing in transit between tables.So yes there is a sense in which women are pickier, but it is more in wanting institutions that make them picky, rather that in being pickier given neutral institutions.More tidbits from the same source: In a 2005 study, they looked at whether the characteristics singles say they want in a partner match what they actually pursue. Given the usual state of science journalism, the fact that the article includes links that let me find a press release about the upcoming paper and a 20-page PDF file containing the paper itself was very helpful.According to most studies and in accordance with popular stereotypes, men are normally less selective than women when it comes to evaluating potential romantic partners - in general, it appears that men are more likely to want to date any given woman than women are to want to date any given man.

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