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In this case it was the opposite, with Henry noticably superior to Steph.He was put straight through, but she was having to go through the evening session, which to my surprise she did well, and got her top 100 ticket.While all this was going on I am presuming Delia is now looking for a new dancing partner.Khaly a thai Australian body piercer, whose face was totally metalled up was never going to be auditioning with a ballet routine.

Vanessa 23 a pilates instructor blew the judges, and me away both with her beautiful ethereal asian looks, and her graceful and controlled dancing.His hip hop I thought was not as good as some of the others we had seen, and Jason agreed with me and said no.However the other two judges said yes to choreography, and he then got his ticket to the top 100.Jason again channelling Tyra went into the loos and said this is not to ruin her life.He then bequeathed her with a second chance told her to come back for day 2 choreography tomorrow.

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