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education • Graduate of Milford High School, 1952 • Attended Wilmington College, Ohio, 1953 • United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland Bachelor of Science Degree, 1954 – 1958 • New York University, Post – Graduate • Fordham University School of Law, Juris Doctor, 1965 – 1969 military • Graduate of United States Naval Academy, 1958 • Staff Officer – Fort Lee, Virginia, 1959 - 1961 • Commander – Unit Detachment, South Vietnam, 1962 – 1963 employment • Officer, United States Armed Forces, 1958 – 1963 • District Engineer and Assistant Industrial Relations Manager, Public Service Electric & Gas Company, Newark, New Jersey, 1963 – 1969 • Attorney and President of Law Firm of Arthur K. C., 221 Broad Street, Milford, Pennsylvania, 1996 - 2004 • Partner, Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald, LLP, 2004 - 2008 • Attorney of Counsel, Ridley, Chuff, Kosierowski and Scanlon, P.

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Are you a resident of Brampton, Ontario and need legal advice for your traffic violations?There was no job, she was met by “Sally” who turned her over to John Reece, who kidnapped her and her put to work as a prostitute, leading to a nightmare of rape and drug addiction. Men get bored with paying for “normal” commercialised sex. This leads to russian roulette, which is how Sarah witnessed the death of young peasant Thai girl Par. It also has the benefit of getting rid of a low earning prostitute. Before this horrific experience in the Netherlands, Sarah had been sexually abused as a child by her father.Tim Tate and Sarah tell the story of her life of sexual abuse and sex trafficking in this book. As a self described crack whore, who became addicted to morphine given to her to get off the crack, and sufferer of post traumatic stress disorder sufferer, not only will her often incredible claims be doubted but she is bound to be the subject of intense scrutiny when things go wrong [8].Woman trafficking and forced prostitution on redlight destrict ”de wallen” in the Netherlands Links [1] 2009 Slave Girl Sarah Forsyth and Tim Tate ISBN 978 1 84454 685 5 [1a] 2009 Slave Girl Sarah Forsyth and Tim Tate Kindle Edition ie=UTF8&qid=1435089390&sr=8-1&keywords=slave girl sara forsyth [2] Barnabus Manchester @Barnabus Mcr Home Charity Manchester [3] UK Human Trafficking Centre National Crime Agency [4] Eaves for women Poppy Project- for survivors of human trafficking [5] 2009 Feb 15 Chronicle Live My life of misery as an Amsterdam sex slave [6] 2009 Jul Fleshtrade blogspot Review and comments from some interested parties 2013 Dec 17 Leicester Mercury Leicester man who attacked partner in street gets suspended sentence as ‘a Christmas present’ 2009 Sept 13 Chronicle Live Sex slave and the nurse’s Hepatitis C hell [9] Uploaded on Woman trafficking and forced prostitution on redlight destrict ”de wallen” in the Netherlands Cf9A_4 [10] 2009 Oct 20 Guardian Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution [11] Operation Pentameter[12] 2007 Oct 3 BBC New crackdown on sex trafficking 2007 Mar 19 BBC Sex slavery widespread in England 2014 Jan 3 Human Trafficking [15] 2008 Jul 3 Police Oracle Operation Pentameter 2012 May 17 Daily Mail Disgraced chief constable who tried to help relative get a job is given £250,000 golden goodbye National Crime Agency UK Human Traffficking Centre [18] Tim Tate [19] Sarah Champion Sarah Champion MP asks Prime Minister for update on Government’s progress to tackle child sexual exploitation [20] 2013 Mar 11 Iol News

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