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“There is no evidence in Anwar’s Twitter account that he had sent out any tweet during the period when the recording was made,” claimed Jenapala, who is now Indian Justice Party pro-tem committee chairman.

Our kids will have bogey-man nightmares about Jurassic gardens with gyrating micro-dinosaurs taunting them with suggestive looks and the temptation of scoring higher than their schoolmates. Cleanse that place with holy virtual water right now, dammit!The video was purportedly made betweeen 10.23pm and 11.39pm on Feb 21, and according to PKR strategic director Mohd Rafizi Ramli, Anwar had sent nine tweets to his Facebook account in response to tweets from his fans during that period. Jenapala has called on Anwar to respond to reports that there was no proof that he had actually tweeted during the time.He said anyone could have updated Anwar’s Facebook account on his behalf.“Media members have done their own research and found no tweet from Anwar during that period,” said Jenapala.had reported that Anwar’s Twitter account showed that he tweeted at 9.20pm and again at 11.39pm on Feb 21.

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