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Bills and Supplementary Order Papers published after 1 January 2008 are available through this website.

See Search tips for finding Bills that are no longer current (enacted and terminated Bills). In particular, earlier Bills are available from the New Zealand Historical Bills 1854–2008 Collection.

Use it to find: Amendment Acts and amendment Legislative Instruments are provided in full from 2008 onwards.

For advice about particular Other Instruments, contact the agency responsible for administering them.In general, amendment Acts and amendment Legislative Instruments before 1997 are not provided. Earlier versions of Acts, Legislative Instruments, and Bills are retained on the website so you can view the law that was in force at a particular time (or view earlier Bills or their versions that are no longer current). However, versions from before 4 September 2007 are not provided.Acts repealed and Legislative Instruments revoked since 4 September 2007 are available on this website.Morrisons has launched a £5 veg box which it claims can feed a family of four for a week.Customers who don’t mind their vegetables “wonky” can buy a box for just £3, plus a delivery charge, of between £1 and £5.

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