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- On the main street of the little village of Andersonville the undistinguished front of a turn-of-the-century brick and frame building hides a national gem, Gerald Lamby's Drummer Boy Civil War Museum.Representatives of the Smithsonian Institute, Editor David Roth of Blue and Gray Magazine, five members of the Georgia Civil War Commission, and thousands of others have visited this Museum and have been astonished at the worth of the collection.- Battle took place in February and May 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign.Breastworks built by Civil War soldiers during the Atlanta Campaign. Scenic view from the top of Dug Gap Mountain hiking trail. The smell of cannon and musket smoke fills the air.You can also see artifacts of the war displayed in the Civil War Museum and a steam locomotive known as the Texas, a veteran of the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862.Located in Atlanta, Georgia - Visit the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum.Read reviews of Latin American, Asian, American and Russian & Ukrainian dating sites, learn which sites are trustworthy and which sites to avoid.

This mansion is where Confederate Navy Secretary Stephen Mallory was arrested by Federal soldiers, along with Confederate Senator Benjamin Hill.You and hundreds of other soldiers are packed together in this large fort. You feel the impact of large cannon balls smashing into the walls. You see hundreds of soldiers off in the distance and see their muskets and cannons being fired.When you begin to think of all that is lost, reinforcements come to the rescue. - Located on the bank of the Great Ogeechee River south of Savannah, this park is the home of the best preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy.In Atlanta, Georgia - Visit Atlanta History Center - The house was built on an acorn-shaped hill reputedly cursed, and Indian legend warned it should be avoided as an unlucky site.But, having enjoyed a Midas Touch, perhaps Barnsley was unconcerned with local legend.

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