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You need to be dedicated to maintaining and improving your relationship.

Learning how to communicate effectively with each other will reduce the damage of inevitable arguments and fall outs.

First off, if things do end with one of them, one can “rationalize that the relationship really wasn’t that important to her, without a blow to her self-esteem,” notes Levine.

Of course, this is impossible if feelings get tied up, heartstrings are plucked and all of that, but if you’re just casually dating, this is one serious benefit.

Meeting new people, spending time to get to know them and deciding whether they’re right for you is an arduous process. It’s time to cut the wheat from the chaff, and the best way to do this is to get to know multiple people.

Whether you want to be in a polygamous or monogamous relationship, spending time with multiple people is a good way to understand what you want in a relationship.

The more people you meet, the easier it will be to identify traits you find attractive. Are you dating multiple people to experiment, to increase your chances of finding someone you want to be in a long term relationship with; or to have a polyamorous engagement?

Advantages The amount of people you should date at once is primarily up to you.

However, it’s best to make all parties aware of the engagement and it will reduce heartache and trouble.

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