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Parliamentary forces arrived and during the fighting four royalist soldiers were killed and a further twenty-two were captured.A second skirmish occurred three years later in 1648 when a royalist army passed through Luton.(Breauté is a small town near Le Havre in France.) When he married, Falkes de Breauté acquired his wife's house which came to be known as "Fawkes Hall", subsequently corrupted over the years to "Foxhall", then to "Vauxhall".In return for his services, King John granted Falkes the manor of Luton, where he built a castle alongside St Mary's Church.A number of royalists were attacked by parliamentary soldiers at an inn on the corner of the current Bridge Street.

The griffin thus became associated with both Vauxhall and Luton in the early 13th century. One "Simon of Luton" was Abbot of Bury St Edmunds from 1257 to 1279.

Luton Carnival, traditionally held on the Whitsun May bank holiday, is the largest one-day carnival in Europe.

The most prominent Neolithic structure is Waulud's Bank – a henge dating from around 3000 BC.

A branch line connecting with the L&BR at Leighton Buzzard was proposed, but because of objections to release of land, construction terminated at Dunstable in 1848.

It was another ten years before the branch was extended to Bute Street Station, and the first train to Dunstable ran on .

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  1. From the point of view of arid peripheries settlement dynamics, the gap left in southern and southeastern Jordan was puzzling in view of the clear continuity in human occupation evidenced by recently intensifying research in this region.