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Having located Kenny and Patricia in the crowd, Shawn continues at in the video, addressing them: “Tell me if these names make sense to you; there’s four of them: it’s David, Ester, Jon, and Sara . Just from this alone, then, we already have clear confirmation that Sara, David, and Jon are all direct siblings.

Above all, they’re highly personalized, suggesting a deep personal knowledge of the individuals in question: he often starts by asking something like “Is there a [name] in the audience?In any case though, suffice it to say, just as this information was available to the blogger who discovered it, so it would have been available to any of the speakers at the event, too.Having identified Kenny and Patricia then, above all it’s crucial to note that both of their Facebook pages, and all their content, are fully public. This is Jesus, he’s speak[ing]…”But, again, the availability of this information suggests much more mundane sources.) the “mission field,” this could refer to the sort of things that outreach/missionary organizations and charities collect for this: food and water, hygiene products, etc.Perhaps In conjunction with this, it might be worth noting that on December 30, 2015, Kenny and Patricia posted a call for donations to the outreach organization on their Facebook page.

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