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The sad thing was I didn’t even need to ask her where she’d heard the word “sexy.” Oddly enough, “sexy,” as a term, gets thrown around first graders WAY more often than you’d think. Like any good bomber pilot, she didn’t need to see her payload detonate to instinctively know that she’d hit her target.But I stressed that it didn’t mean you were just talking about someone’s appearance.

That was also ad-libbed – his moves, my moves, everything. He just came to my music-video spot to cheer me up. ' I said, ' I'm going to be between your legs, how about that?

For 48 straight hours in early July, Korean pop star Psy and his crew drove Seoul's crowded highways in search of absurdist settings for his sexy horse dance. I asked them, ' Hey, throw it harder, throw it harder, so that way it's going to look really hilarious! We edited a lot, and actually we tried a lot more than this."THE SCENE: Dozing off in the sauna THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "It was a real sauna, so it was hot, and I was so exhausted, and all of a sudden I feel like getting sleepy on his shoulder. At this sauna, every staff, even me, was out of their consciousness. Yeah, he was an actor."THE SCENE: On the tour bus with the disco balls THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "It's like a tour bus, and a lot of older guys and older ladies are traveling to somewhere on the highways.

Obviously, they succeeded – "Gangnam Style" is not only spontaneously, ridiculously funny, it has snagged more than 167 million You Tube views since its release in mid-July and is climbing up the i Tunes charts. It was somewhere in Seoul."THE SCENE: Debris and snow whooshing into Psy's face THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "Did you feel that I moved like Michael Jackson in that scene? We were like, ' Hey, what are we doing right now? Honestly, that's illegal, I think: They are standing when they are riding.

"This is history in my country," Psy says, from a promotional tour in New York City, during an enthusiastic 45-minute phone interview that had been strictly scheduled for 15 minutes. "THE SCENE: Horse stable THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "When we made this choreography, we called it 'horse dance.' I told [the director], ' Hey, this is horse dance, so let's find some horse place.' In that way, it can be more cheesy. I tried some things serious, to be ridiculous, you know. When we were moving to this location, to that location, I suddenly found some bus on the highway, and I talked to the director: ' Hey, let's do that, the illegal thing, the older guys' party time.' The situation was ad-libbed on the highway.

Following is the singer's scene-by-scene breakdown. THE SCENE: Lounging on a beach that's actually a playground THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "It was my idea. My thought was, the song releases on July 15th, and in Korea it's really hot in summer. There's some lighting going on and mirror balls – that's not suitable for transportation, right? ' We didn't do that on purpose at all – as a result, I love the scene most."THE SCENE: Dancing with the beautiful redhead in various locations THE TIME: PSY SAYS: "She is the leader of a very famous K-Pop girl group. She's kind of a sexy symbol among girl groups.

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