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Module A of “Sex/sexuality education – Personal development, prevention of discrimination and violence (SEXEDU)” was held at the Council of Europe’s European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, from the 8th to the 11th of October, 2013.It was organized in cooperation with the Council of Europe Programme “Building a Europe for and with children” and in the context of the Council of Europe’s ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children.Sex Ed is about verbalising sex and sexuality without prejudice and stereotyping by using healthy discourse, building on understanding and respect for sexual diversity, working against taboos, violence and discrimination.27 participants from over 20 different European countries took part in Module A in Strasbourg and 22 of them completed Module B, the following year.Furthermore, the TU is meant to increase understanding for human diversity, tolerance and respect for differences.The ideology behind the TU is holistic sex/sexuality education using the pedagogy of the Pestalozzi Programme, head, hearts and hands.In Activity 2 they will create a Time Line of Sex History in Europe using pictures.In Activity 3 they will discuss some views and beliefs prescribing “adequate” sexual behaviour that existed in Europe.

Training resources developed in this course Editor: Ildikó Lázár Last edition: March, 2015 This training unit intends to help adults – teachers and parents – to respond to children’s questions about sex with ease.Link to the training resource Editor: Ildikó Lázár Last edition: March, 2015 Brief description The present training unit helps teachers analyze stereotypes based on gender and sexuality in textbook images.In the first activity participants are invited to explore images of school textbooks with the help of questions to be used as guidelines to recognize any prejudices, stereotypes and bias.The coordination of the methodological approach was carried out by the General Rapporteur, Ms Pascale MOMPOINT-GAILLARD in close collaboration with the Secretariat.The training units, edited by Ms Carmen BECKER, Mr Charlot CASSAR, Ms Audrey CHEYNUT, Ms Ildikó LÁZÁR, Ms Pascale MOMPOINT-GAILLARD, MS Guðrún RAGNARSDÓTTIR, Ms Višnja RAJIC and Ms Ana ŽNIDAREC ČUČKOVIĆ are now available for interested teachers and teacher trainers to try them out, to adapt them and further develop them.

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