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Records Description Dates: 1947-1950 Volume: less than 1 cubic foot Records of the Army Services Forces Finance Office, Knoxville.

The records document awards to civilian employees for faithful service. Administrative History The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was established in 1946 to control the development and use of atomic energy, including the encouragement of private participation in research and practical uses of atomic energy.

Veterans Drive #405, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Jackson Verified (White Male aggravated) Daniel Reyes Suniga 2308 North Park Lane #11, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Jackson Verified (Hispanic Male ) Edward Dion Turner 907 Katy Drive, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Jackson Verified (Black Male ) Marcus Tyrone West III 413 Saturn, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Jackson Verified (Black Male ) Anthony known as Tony, is a liar, cheat and believes he's God's gift to women. It was also said a contingent of Masons will soon visit Anthony at his place of employment.(Rent-A-Center)The Masons are the oldest group in the world and they perform outstanding work by helping others when called upon. I happen to know that at least two people on this list are completely innocent of their charges and I put absolutely no stock in this list because of it. Haummeser that did assault,threaten,molest and confessed. why is he not on the the way you all need to go to google maps and pull up these addresses and see how many live in the barn on north park lane, or the feild next to it. the law states that on the 'assumption' of theft a person can be is like saying everyone go the jailhouse because we assume you broke the law. I would get all the facts straight before you start speaking badly about people on here, cause I copied and gave the copy to him to give to his lawyer.

Pollard 2308 North Park Lane #36, Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Jackson Verified (Black Male ) David Ramirez 20404 E. Our favorite Tony brags alot but can't prove a thing! Remember, he drives a rice eater and not a Harley and works at the Altus Rent-A-Center. Anthony has overstepped his bounds by saying, he is a 32nd Degree Mason.The AEC had responsibility to regulate the use of nuclear materials in order to protect the health and safety of the public.It was concerned with fissionable material supply, development of reactors, development and testing of nuclear weapons, basic and applied research, dissemination of information relating to atomic energy, and development and administration of international cooperation for peaceful uses of atomic energy.Records Description Dates: 1907-1965 Volume: 2 cubic feet Records of the Naval Stores Laboratory, Olustee, Florida.The records relate to the work of the laboratory in turning timber into high-quality naval stores.

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Administrative History The Agricultural Research Administration was established in the Department of Agriculture by an Executive order of February 23, 1942, to coordinate the activities of several scientific bureaus.

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