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He immediately got in his car and drove to Maryland.

“I was doing 90 miles an hour trying to get down here as fast as I can,” he said. But right now, she’s up, that’s the most important thing I’m happy about,” Daniel said.

When they were gathered in the lunchroom, City Councilwoman Cindy Bass and State Rep. "I'm so glad." Sharif Barnes, 34, held two footballs and talked about the risk parents take whenever they send children out into the world.

Christopher Rabb (D., Phila.) spoke to the children, reassuring them. His sons were calling for him to throw the footballs into the recess yard.

"Werner Coach wishes to express its sorrow and sympathy to those impacted by this accident," the statement said.

Henry students were “being really resilient,” said one parent, who asked not to be identified because staff instructed families not to speak to reporters.

Staff were going from classroom to classroom making sure students were OK, paying special attention to children with siblings, cousins, or close friends on the trip.

"For me, as an individual, I'm going to use this as a learning experience," Barnes said. You just assume that your kids are going to go school and come home OK." Werner Coach employs 39 drivers for its 27-vehicle fleet, according to federal records.

"You can be here one day and gone the next, so make every day count." Faridha Taylor, 42, sat in her car on Greene Street waiting for her son, a fourth grader, to stop playing in the recess yard. The company has had increasing maintenance problems over the last two years, with 61 violations found during 58 inspections.

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