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These runners had been passed by other male runners, and yet, as they turned their heads and sized me up, they did everything in their power to “beat” me. It was not a challenge to keep up with me, to maintain my pace, or to race me up a hill – I was just a woman on a morning run who five individual men refused to lose to.If they were just being competitive, then why just with me? After the fifth occurrence, I vented to my incredibly patient boyfriend about these egotistical males I had encountered.Dads have warned their sons not to let girls join their rough play.Boys have made fun of their friends who lose to girls in gym class.To bring it up might even seem petty – it was one competitive guy, right?The number of occurrences, though, does not feel normal.

Those five men who would not let me pass them this week? However, in talking to my boyfriend, I have become painfully aware that this is not the case.

The second time, as I ran by his side, he sped up just enough to match my pace.

We ran “together” for a minute or so until he eventually slowed for the second time.

I continued my run, and not thirty seconds later, he came sprinting by until he had outrun me by about 20 yards, then returning to a casual pace.

This situation is pretty normal, and I assume most runners have experienced something similar.

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