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But in the end neither happened as the tests didn't provide that clarity. The latest science is concentrating on a whole new area of potential causality that I hadn't thought about at all.

I learned that science has yet to find a fool-proof and definitive genetic test for gayness - at least in my case. It's not genes, but it is biological, looking at hormonal effects in the womb.

Depending on who's doing the telling, Uncle John was either locked up for 30 fleeting minutes or for three long, tortuous, oxygen-starved hours.

I really wanted to meet people like this, and the film gave me a chance to do so.I'm in a committed relationship with the love of my life, Scott Gill, and he is as much a part of the family as my sister's husband, Kevin, and my brother's wife, Dot.However, just because I'm comfortable with my sexuality doesn't mean that I'm not curious about it and that's one of the reasons I agreed to take this journey to discover the making of me.Over the years, we've talked about many of the theories that may explain what makes a person gay.In fact, it's always been a bit of a joke in our family that my dad was responsible - he frequently dressed me up as a girl.

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