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Check out some of her links below to see some of her work. Well, her record labels have given Slean room to make her own music, but the next CD she makes will be with them and not an indie release. as well, through a co-venture deal with Atlantic and Warner.

What really makes this note worthy is the fact that it will be released in the U. This could mean the meteoric rise of Slean’s fame sometime in the next 2 years depending on when Slean works up to her next album.

It was from family that was close to my family, their name was Hope.” But, you wouldn’t be wrong if you thought that Hope didn’t also have a lot of other meanings with Slean.

She is passionate about her music, beliefs and life around her.

When I asked her what she thought about Lilith Fair I was a little surprised by her answer. I found out from some other interviews that she really likes cellists. I’ve had a romance with one person and then I had a crush on another guy who plays cello. When you listen to her music you can tell that nothing is just a story or an act.

You see stuff like that unfolding as you live your life.

So if I were you I would get her autograph now while you still can, before this star comes burning into her rightful place.

Slean’s bio compares her to the cure to the “concrete jungle.” The funny thing is that isn’t such a strange comparison.

“I know a lot of artists who sort of say you step into a role when you step on stage. Like “Me and Jerome” a song from her album Universe which is all about a dream she had about J. Salinger, the reclusive writer who penned “Catcher In the Rye.” “I had a dream where I went up to his house way in the eastern states and I went up and knocked on this huge drawbridge door.

I asked if he was there and he was putting his arm in his coat and he’s like ‘Where are we going.’ And it was just a bizarre dream.

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