Same sex dating laws

Are you contemplating a divorce and just don't know what to do or where to turn?

Are you worried about how your decision will impact your children?

You are still legally married to your spouse, and everything you have accrued (assets, retirement accounts, debts, etc.) is still considered part of the marital estate – and will be – until your divorce is finalized. Establishing and dissolving a same-sex, common law marriage could get complicated.

If not, please know that you could have done so, and that there is plenty of authority that would support its enforceability.

Take heart -- regardless of your relationship status, you may create estate-planning documents and trust documents to protect your children's future and their ability to inherit from you. Don't change your routine with the children because your partner tells you to.

As Dallas Divorce Attorney Abby Gregory explains, “Prior to the SCOTUS ruling, same-sex marriage wasn’t recognized in Texas.

Consequently, same-sex divorce wasn’t recognized either. Now, regardless of where a same-sex couple married, they can get a divorce in the state of Texas.” While the same marital laws that apply to married heterosexual couples now apply to married same-sex couples, that doesn’t mean getting a divorce in Texas is a slam-dunk. Married same-sex couples are now afforded the same property rights as married heterosexual couples.

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If you legally married outside of Texas, the divorce process should be relatively straightforward.

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