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Treatment is also likely to interrupt important life events, including school, social activities, friendships, romantic relationships, and jobs.In addition, the types of cancer that affect people in this age group often differ from those that affect either younger children, or older adults.When an adolescent or young adult gets cancer, treatment can be challenging.At an age characterized by the beginnings of independence, the increased reliance on parents that accompanies a cancer diagnosis often complicates care.When it is detected, cancer tends to be at a more advanced stage than other age groups.Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) can be treated at a pediatric cancer center or an adult cancer center, depending on their age and the type of cancer they have.According to Rosenberg, the role of the family and shared decision making is unique in the AYA age group.Teenagers are typically still relying on their parents to make decisions.

However, they can and do get many different types of cancer.

She also tells them, “You’re allowed to defer to your parents when making decisions, but I need to hear that from you.” She says AYAs need reassurance that they have a role in their care, they have support, and they have people who can speak on their behalf.

There is no question that cancer in AYAs interrupts their lives at a crucial time.

According to Rosenberg, a pediatric cancer center is likely to have doctors with more experience treating children’s cancer types and support staff geared toward young people’s needs.

These may include child psychologists, art and music therapists, and school teachers.

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However, older AYAs with jobs or families of their own may have a more difficult time traveling to go to a pediatric cancer center for treatment, and may choose to be treated at a cancer center in their community.

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