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The plough pulls me gently to task and somehow I enjoy uniting my senses to the cutting iron as it slices through each layer of wood.What I feel has nothing to do with nostalgia but life.The Record 044 has adjustment (left) but needs a screwdriver to set the depth. The metal handle is more comfortable than it looks for an all metal handle though in a cold shop it takes a minute to warm in the hand and in a really cold shop robs the hand of all heat. I love this plane too and rank it as more an Arabian gelding for its flightier appearance but solid dependability. One at a buy-it-now of £45, which I consider a good and fair price because all of the parts and cutters seem to be there and condition looks nice too.

(light brown) Next, fossil-rich sedimentary rocks were precipitated.

The irons are narrow, not like smoothing planes, and so I can plough wood taking shavings four times thicker than when I smooth wood with a smoothing plane.

The grooves go down quickly for me no matter which plough plane I use. The Record 043 (bottom right) is punchy, compact, stoutly built and as stocky as a Haflinger.

My wellbeing relies on my senses being stirred and stimulated.

I hear and see, smell smells I cannot smell by any other means,and my tongue tastes the essence of the wood I work by being transferred through the air.

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With diminished skill levels, the plane making process replaced the highly skilled work of the plane maker irreversibly and nowhere is this seen more than in the making of plough planes.

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