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” Q-Tip echoes back ad-libs throughout the song saying, “Joni Mitchell never lies.” A Mark Romanek-directed music video for the song won Janet a Grammy Award for Best Music Video – Short Form.Though the themed clip was inspired by a South African magazine called Drum) featured in the video, it was not filmed on location, but in a soundstage in Los Angeles.After graduating she decided to become a professional actress and entered Valley Professional School, where actors were trained. But during her activity as an actress Janet has never forgotten about music.In 1982 with the help of her brothers, she released her first album, “Janet Jackson”. She is considered as one of the best selling musicians in the world nowadays.

But she started her career as an actress, when she took part in TV series, called “The Jacksons”.

She was born on the 16th of May in 1966 in Gary, IN.

No need to remind that she is the younger sister of legendary Michael Jackson.

He performed on television, and I remember taping it. ” The singer from Brooklyn was the first platonic love of Janet Jackson.

She was very young and thought it would become the only love of her whole life. The romantic history of the woman was just beginning!

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